Mekhala Jayawardena

AIA (SL) MSc. (Arch) BSc. (BE)

Senior Chartered Architect



Mekhala Jayawardena has extensive experience in the designing and upgrading of urban housing. She graduated from the University of Moratuwa with a BSc. in Built Environment in 1992, and a Master’s degree in 1994. She obtained her professional qualification in 1996 as a Chartered Architect in the Sri Lanka Institute of Architects. Later in her career she obtained a Diploma in Housing and Urban Development in the Institute of Housing Studies, Rotterdam, Netherlands.

She has worked as an architect at the State Engineering Corporation, Buildings Department and in the National Housing Development Authority. She has been involved in project management for residential and commercial building projects and has undertaken work as a member of a Technical Evaluation Committee. She has also obtained a Diploma in Building Design from Northern Sydney Institute (TAFE), New South Wales, Australia.

Along with her experience, she is a skilled user of software including Revit and AutoCAD.