Design Studio was established in year 2000. A fully computerized organization provides a total design package for the clients that offer a complete range of professional services; Architectural, Quantity Surveying, Engineering, Technological services, Landscaping, Interior and Furniture Design.

Our vision is to focus on Ecologically Sustainable Design by taking principles of Biomimicry; emulating or taking inspiration of nature as a design approach. The firm’s motto entails, “doing the most with least means”-dematerialization. This involves conceptualizing interior and exterior spaces, and fulfilling the requirements of the client based on ecological concepts. We allow optimization as the main strategy to help effectively integrate the physical attributes; form, envelope, material and technology by following concepts and principles of emulating nature. This philosophy as a design approach plays an important role, to work out a comprehensive quality building within the limited parameters of cost and time. This entails to achieve an environmentally viable, socially acceptable and economically feasible design without relying on the latest trends and styles. This reflects a unique identity of its own with a touch of cultural significance.

Over the past decade the company has been responsible for a wide range of striking work; personalized residencies, apartments, interior refurbishments, hotels and offices. One of the key on-going projects is “The SAARC Cultural Centre”, which is now under construction. It is a fully equipped International building for all SAARC member nations to enhance South Asian culture. A building complex designed with a floor area of 15000m2 for variety of functions; performing arts, research, training and accommodation. An astonishingly scenic site with an extent of 12 acres, physically featured by an undulating terrain paved the way to actualize the concept: “Touching the ground lightly”. This design was evolved based on ecologically sustainable concepts, with the utmost sensitivity to cultural, regional and environmental aspects of the site; utilizing green technologies and system integration methods to evolve its aerodynamic form.


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